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Tinture Capelli : 你想要一种固体?以前你与你的发型师的颜色你的头发。染发剂是在家里或在理发师,起吊角质层渗入干,可是,角质层应 relocked 否则为头发保持干燥。要给事先水化,颜色前, 一天晚上通过橄榄油包装以保持整整一夜。不被染垫使用淋浴帽。你想红吗?更好地从美发沙龙以避免令人讨厌的惊喜,因为制造染料 é 红色 è 颜色,如果独自一人做了不知道什么结果铺 ⅱ 给,risca,转向不大可能的颜色。如果你不确定你说得对,别让永久的颜色,试着一步一步上消失后几个洗,甚至还有水渍从理发店来征求意见。如果你想要实现,你首先必须评估你的皮肤色调和自然的头发的颜色。如果你是一个黑发热闪电,倾向于选择亲爱的如果你是金发女郎,你很酷的配色可以减轻你天然金发到白金。黑暗的眼睛 ︰ 漂白应该顺利进行降解,如果你不想要的净效应或微妙根长度。最后如果你是智谋减轻达两口气为发光的结果并不淘汰。为了不成为奴隶,固体只用来遮掩的白头发,选择技术,并使颜色不均匀,影响光,以掩饰那些几根白头发。测试你的问题,pu ⅱ 头皮皮炎或长时间的使用的洗发水和护发产品过于激进或不合适。检查你的皮肤科医生头皮健康。避免固体高灵敏度 à 期间,即当你感到瘙痒和刺激。最后,选择一种颜色没有氨。如果你的头发不保护从洗发水时,皮肤-新鲜 è 水解电影和将跳过 à 来让你感到瘙痒。

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04 Aug 17


Hair: Paul Stafford and Amy Cartwright – UK
Collection: Nouvelle Réal
Ph: Lee Mitchell
Make-up: DJ Griffin
Styling: Sara O’Neill
Colour: Aidan Bradley


04 Aug 17


Natural meets neon, soft faces hard and texture meets sharp. For us there are no limits.  Everyone is unique.

Hair: Felicia Fröjd Wiese
Ph: Peter Gaudiano
Make-up: Bryan Eriksson
Fashion Stylist: Gabriel Johansson
Colourist: Felicia Fröjd Wiese
Salon: Cybtekk Hair Studio, Sweden


04 Aug 17

The inspiration behind this shoot was real men. I didn’t want to go down the usual route of tailored tapering, neat fading, perfect outlines and looks that were neatly blow-dried, straightened and moulded into a prefect shape. Rather I wanted to leave the so-called ‘imperfections’ of the hair as they were and actually exaggerate them even. So there has been no attempt to hide or change receding hairlines, control stray hairs, smooth, uneven finishes and leave hair blunt and heavily greased. The result is uneven curls and inconsistency; what some might consider mistakes. The aim of this collection was to create content that challenged the strict rules in barbering. It was important not to create a perfect air-brushed and Photoshopped images, but to create a collection that reflected real men and real hair not some pristine look that you’d see online or on TV.

Hair: Roger Mulholland – IRL
Collection: This is Real
Ph: Rían MaMahon- Mac Creative
Images: Five Point Alliance


03 Aug 17

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03 Aug 17

C’era una volta in un paese lontano lontano una delicata fata che si chiamava Flora, ella aveva lo splendente dono di svelare la Bellezza di ogni fanciulla. La leggenda narra che la magia di Flora da allora resti impigliata tra le sapienti mani di chi della Bellezza ha fatto la sua vita, portando alla luce, giorno dopo giorno, la Bellezza in ogni donna. Questo è il viaggio nella semplicità, alla riscoperta di quei piccoli gesti di accurata maestria che rendono l’impalpabile, la ricercatezza e la naturalezza la reale essenza del fascino.

Hair: Giorgio Parrivecchio – IT
Collection: Flora Breath of Spring
Ph: Michele Scimè
Make-up: Deborah Leonardi
Models: Santa Aprupe, Giulia Stella D’Anna, Claudia Scuderi, Alexandra
Adv. Producer: Gaetano Scancarello
Video: Gioacchino Migliore
Editor: Benedetta Sistopaoli
Artistic Team: Lella Quinci, Rossella di Paola
Executive Director: Angela Fiorella


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