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Tinture Capelli : Would you like to make a solid? Before you color your hair with your hair stylist. The hair dye is made at home or at the hairdresser, lift the cuticles to soak into the stem, but then the cuticles should be relocked otherwise hair remains dry. To give prior hydration, the night before the color, pass an olive oil wrap to keep up all night. Not to dye the cushion using a shower Cap. Do you want Red? Better to make the dye from the hair salon to avoid nasty surprises because é the Red è a color which if done alone without knowing what result pu ò give, risca to veer towards improbable colors. If you\'re not sure you\'re right, don\'t make a permanent color, try step by step with a water stain that goes away after a few washes, even asking for advice from the hairdresser. If you want to achieve, you must first assess your skin tone and natural hair color. If you are a brunette hot lightening and tending to opt for a honey, if you\'re blonde and you cool colors you can lighten your natural blond to Platinum. The dark eye: bleaching should degrade smoothly if you don\'t want the net effect or nuanced root lengths. Finally if you are ramata lighten up to two tones for luminous result and not washed out. In order not to become a slave to solid only to cover white hair, choose the techniques that make the color uneven, as the effects light, to camouflage those few white hairs. Test your problem, pu ò be a scalp dermatitis or prolonged use of shampoos and hair care products too aggressive or not suitable. Check with your dermatologist scalp health. Avoid solid during periods of high sensitivity à, namely when you feel itching and irritation. Finally, choose a color without ammonia. If you do it when the hair is not protected from shampoo, skin-fresh è hydrolytic film and will skip à to make you itch.

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20 Feb 17

cube 10

È pronto il CUBE n.10 !

La raccolta annuale di 880 immagini moda-capelli.
Sono le migliori collezioni
dei Top Hairstylists internazionali.


Gli stilisti internazionali protagonisti: Steven Smart - UK; Malisa Masci - AU; Bond Hair Religion - AU; Huub Eysink - NL; Paul Stafford - UK; Allen Ruiz - UK; Ione Erice, Alberto Manchado @ Mikel Luzea - ES; Stylos Peluqueros - ES; Anna Pavlicová @ Petra Měchurová - CZ; Silas Tsang @ Blushes - CA; Allilon Education Art Team - UK; Mark Leeson @ Mark Leeson Mansfield & Chesterfield - UK; Connaire Bailey - AU; Cherie Falco @ Kinky Curly Straight - AU; Craig Chapman @ Craig Chapman Hair Design - UK; James Whyte - UK; Michael Rackett @ RUSH Hair - UK; Sharon Dow @ Kevin Kahan - UK; Travis Bandiera - AU; Mayte Garrote @ Different Estilistas - ES; Sharon Malcolm - UK; Ulises Mesa - ES; Leisa & Paul Stafford @ Stafford Hair - UK; Royston Blythe, Charles Douek - UK; Colin McAndrew @ Medusa - UK; Michael Piastrino - AU; Karine Jackson - UK; Ken Picton Art Team - UK; Clayde Baumann @ D&J Ambrose - UK; Harry Boocock, Chris Horsman - UK; RUSH Artistic Team - UK; James Earnshaw @ Francesco Group - UK; Toni&Guy International Artistic Team - UK; Nick Malenko, Sophie Beattie - UK; Jason Hall - UK; Suzie McGill, Dylan Brittain @ Rainbow Room International - UK; Michelle Thompson @ Francesco Group - UK; Andy Heasman @ RUSH Hair - UK; Intercoiffure Mondial - FR; Perry Patraszewski, Andi Hinterigger, Bradley Stratton, Pont Smith @ Blue Tit - UK; Dmitry Vinokurov - RU; Llongueras - ES; Mazella&Palmer International Creative Team - UK ; X-presion - ES; Karen Thomson - UK; J.7 Artistic Team - DE; Mahogany Creative Team, London & Oxford - UK; Rafael Bueno @ Rafael Bueno Peluqueros - ES; Vivienne Mackinder, Gjoko Shkreli - US; Francesco Group Church Lane - UK; Ziorta Zarauza @ Centro Beta - ES; Guy Kremer, Jonny Engstrom, Giuseppe Manco, Matu Krug - UK; Jonny Engstrom, Giuseppe Manco @ Guy Kremer Salon - UK; Maria Unali - AU; Mai Ha @ Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team - UK; Sophie Bauçais - FR; Chantal McAuliffe @ Rainbow Room International - LEAP Ahead Team - UK; Lauren Tudor @ En Route - LEAP Ahead Team - UK; Neil Barton - UK; Jose García Peluqueros - ES; Arthica - ES; Protégé Team - UK; Sharon Blain - AU; Pauline Heap-Williams - UK; Christophe Nicholas Biot @ SoGlam! - FR; Art Hair Studios - IT; Imanol Oliver @ Oliver Estilismo - ES; Leslie Henshaw - AU; Fabrizio Del Buono - IT; Stafford Art Team - UK; Joseph Ferraro @ Halo - UK; Darren Ambrose - UK; Tracey Devine - UK; Errol Douglas MBE - UK; Caroline Sanderson, Claire Mcintyre @ Ego Hair Design - UK; Uros Mikic @ Kinky Curly Straight - AU; Mia Dellicompagni, Amy Sultan - UK; Nikki Porter @ Rubi Hair Malvern - AU; Angelo Vallillo, Angelo Vallillo Academy Art Team @ Angelo Vallillo Hair Academy - UK; Jamie Stevens @ Jamie Stevens Hair - UK; Scott Condon @ rokk ebony - AU; Tiffany Decaux @ Boris the Cuttery - AU; Hooker & Young Art Team - UK; Marta Cid, Wapa'm Marco Bechepeche Team, Paco Hernandez & Team @ Wapa'm Barcelona - ES; Stefano Conte - IT; Candice Wyatt-Minter @ Wyatt Hairdressing - ZA; Gary Ingham, Gary Ingham Artistic Team - UK; GP Parrucchieri - IT; Charlene Fernandez, Scott Condon @ rokk ebony - AU; Daniella Barca @ rokk ebony - AU; Charlene Fernandez @ rokk ebony - AU; Maria Kaplanis @ rokk ebony - AU; Janine Mohn @ French Poppy Design - AU; Elena Nardone @ rokk ebony - AU; Chung-yang "Yoshi" Su @ rokk ebony - AU; Ruth Roche - USA; Hair: Nick Bland @ Haringtons - UK; Jose Garcia Peluqueros - ES; Lorna Evans - AU; Jamie Benny - UK; Klaus Peter Ochs - DE; Rodney Wayne - AU; Declan Haworth, Tom Warr, Lidia Patrizia, Kamila Pruszek, Harriet Franks @ Blue Tit - UK; Angelo Labriola - IT; Blue Tit Vision Team - UK; Jack Howard @ Paul Edmonds London - UK; I Sargassi Artistic Team - IT; Beppe & Marco Unali - IT; Gogen Team - IT; Westrow Artistic Team headed up by Steve Rowbottom and Jenny Pelter @ Kebelo - UK; Vog Coiffure - FR; Federica Trerè - IT; Vincent Moutaut - FR; Christine Margossian - FR; Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team - UK; Andrew Barton - UK; Ian Bruce-Low @ Bruce-Low Hair - UK; Bundy Bundy - AT; Raffel Pages - ES; Biguine Paris - FR; Emma Gottwald @ Royals Hair - AU; Adoré Milano - IT; Lella Pepe - IT; Patrick Cameron assisted by Jo Wilcox - UK; Filippo Sepe - IT; Gonzalo Zarauza @ Centro Beta - ES; Anna Sorbie - UK; Lorna Evans Education Team - AU; Luciana Sabariz @ Sabariz Hairists - ES; Hooker & Young Protégé Team - UK; Alan Keville @ Hair - IE; Marco PM @ Marco PM Estilistas - ES; Bill Tsiknaris - AU; Sonia Jimenez - ES; Manuel Mon @ Manuel Mon Estilistas - ES; Andrea De Deugd - AU; Bernat Sayol @ Salón Carlos Valiente - ES; Manuel Mon - ES; Antonio Bellver - MX; Manuel Mon, Gonzalo Zarauza - ES; Seung ki Baek @ RUSH Hair - UK; Jordi Pérez @ La Barberia de Gràcia - ES; Robert Braid - UK; Carmelo Tortosa Alfonso @ El Patio del Barbero - ES; Freestyle Club - IT; HOB Creative Team - UK; Matt Stark @ Stark - UK; Stefano Milani Equipe Vittorio @ Mitù - IT; Anna Pavlicova, Jana Vratna, Jan Chvojka, Vierka Banasova, Zuzana Chromecková @ Petra Měchurová - CZ; Jan Chvojka @ Petra Měchurová - CZ; Jose Antonio Chamborro, Santi Campos @ Lagasca Hair & Styling - ES; Aiden Horwood @ Heading Out Hair & Beauty - AU; Jonathan Andrew - UK; Ryan Forsythe @ Trevor Sorbie - UK; Gianni Bach - PT; Paul Masci @ Masci Hair and Spa - AU; Michael Kontos @ London School Barbering - UK; Il Barbiere – Modhair - IT; Robert Kirby - UK; Katie Kennedy, Steven Gasparetto - UK; Rafael Raso Torreblanca @ Rafaraso Peluquero - ES; Candice Wyatt-Minter - ZA; Jo Caswell @ Mutiny Hair - UK;

20 Feb 17

HAIR: Leisa and Paul Stafford @ Stafford Hair – UK
Collection: Frontier
Ph: Lee Mitchell
Make-up: DJ Griffin
Styling: Sara O’Neill
Colour: Aiden Bradley


20 Feb 17

asian beauty

ASIAN BEAUTY BIZ is the Premium Business Magazine on Beauty,

connecting Cosmetics, Salon, Hair, Nail, Feet,
Medical Aesthetics, Wellness, SPA.

Discover the extract of the Magazine on line

20 Feb 17

Hair: Jessica Burt – AU
Collection: Coven
Ph: Carl Keeley
Make-up: Caity Williams
Styling: Joel & Taryn Gionis


20 Feb 17


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